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"A highly skilled counsellor will see all the things he/she can accomplish for success."


N. Richard, LCT, CCS

Individuals looking to boost creativity

Creativity is one of the best quality a person can have.  It is even better when two minds are put together to boost your creativity in order to reach your end goal.

Individuals who want to grow

You will learn, grow and become an effective counsellor with Nicole's supervision.  She will provide you with some insights, recommendations, support and encouragement throughout your journey.

Individuals looking to be challenged positively

Challenges are happening in your personal and professional life.  Learn to work through these challenges positively and with confidence with Nicole's professional supervision services.

Individuals who need accountability to reach goals

Accountability is so important when you want to reach goals.  Nicole will work with you and keep you accountable so that you can achieve your professional goals.

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