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Our technology today offers people the ability to receive counselling in the comfort of their own home.  I can offer Online Counselling Services (OCS), also called E-Counselling for your convenience.  Counselling Sessions are available through VSee Telehealth Software.  VSee is a secure video and chat software that is easy and free to install.  VSee is the most secure method used in the medical profession and is now being used in counselling services.  For more information about VSee, please go to or click on the VSee logo below.

If you are considering the use of Online Counselling Services (OCS), please read these Terms and Conditions prior to registering.  These Terms and Conditions are for you to be informed about the use of video and messenger services and to ensure the utmost protection of our records during Online Counselling Sessions.

For more information or to register for E-Counselling, please complete the contact form located at the end of this page.  Thank you!

Note:  New Awakening Counselling & Coaching Services cannot guarantee the safety of transmission of information through regular e-mail.