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Professional Counselling Therapist & Supervisor

What we offer

Counselling Therapy

Counselling Clinical Supervision

Group Activities

In-Person /

Online Sessions

Therapy for individuals and couples

Supervision for counsellors

These can be in-person or one-on-one secure video stream sessions.

Goal Setting

We work together in developing and achieving your goals!

Affordable prices

Your counsellor/supervisor is certified to provide services in Canada and licensed in the province of New Brunswick and Ontario. 

Competitive rates are set according to the going rate in the province of New Brunswick, Canada.


There are no workshops available at this time.

"It is nothing less than a radical act of love, an act of self-regard and of respect for your deeper inner wisdom and capacity of healing."    Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.

What Happy Clients are saying

Nicole Richard is an excellent counsellor.  Her strengths as a supervisor include organization, keen insight and deep encouragement.  She was genuinely interesting in understanding my approach to counselling and helping me become more proficient in it.  I believe anyone will grow as a professional under her wise counsel.

M. MacDonald, Sackville, NB (2019)

Nicole has provided space and input enabling me to improve my counselling skills, along with helping me grow as a business owner. She has added to the experience with a unique take on how a situation might be handle. It has been a pleasure working with her during supervision.

K. Jeffries, Sussex, NB (2020)

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